Public Marking is an LA-based husband-and-wife design firm specializing in branding, communications, illustration, creative direction, surface/textile design, and apparel graphics.

With a combined 15 years experience in the industry, we also have expertise in hand lettering, contemporary product design and development and web user interface and user experience.


Public Marking’s vision is to make the world more creative, meaningful, and beautiful.

Public Marking’s mission is to strive to create branding and communications that not only have high visual appeal, but also a depth of strategy and value. We are interested in working with businesses that desire authentic, meaningful, and contemporary branding, vibrant illustration and graphics, and unique, thoughtful products and experiences. We value forward-thinking creativity, listening to one another and its clients, and integrity in all aspects of its work and services.


Our approach is simple, highly strategic, collaborative, creative, research-driven, and even a little fun. There’s three phases:

Phase 1 PLAN: We work with you to outline and define your business and marketing goals. We then work to understand the context of your industry and your competitors, consumers and all important stakeholders. From this, we create a scope of work and project outline that focuses on achieving these goals in a way that makes you uniquely stand out amongst the crowd.

Phase 2 DEVELOP: With a collaborative emphasis, we develop a platform based on the scope of work that achieves the defined goals. Based on the needs of the project, we implement the platform across all primary media and important stakeholder touchpoints.

Phase 3 PRODUCE: Lastly, whether it be web development or product sampling, we work with manufacturers, developers and other vendors to execute and produce these communications with the utmost quality and care. Sound good to you? If you want to work with us, contact us at hello@publicmarking.com .

Public Marking Bio Photo Larry Nguyen Wendy TuanPublic Marking Venn Diagram