The Start of Something New

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Public Marking has been a dream of mine ever since I found out what “design” was.

When I was a young boy I wanted to be an artist, and as a teenager, as a multi-instrumentalist, a Music Educator. One day my best friend at the time told me about a profession called “Graphic Design” and the more I learned about typography, space, semiotics, layout, branding, illustration, and the ethnography of design, the more I began to define myself and my identity as a Designer.

Design has so many facets and meanings. The practicality, the intellectual aspects, the rigor and passion found within it became a massively aligning force for my life. It gave me perspective about creativity’s role in society, and attributed significance and purpose to my “otherness” as an Asian-American.

It’s this meaning and significance that has sustained the many years of my career that has inevitably led to the formation of Public Marking Creative. Along with my amazingly talented and inspirational wife and partner Wendy, and so many numerous other mentors, heroes, coaches and inspirations (many of whom are very close friends, others I’ve never even met), I find myself feeling in the moment a sense of joy and excitement for what lies ahead.

And so this journey begins and I can only wish to use my experience, expertise, and passion for this beautiful and endlessly fascinating discipline to help others in their own pursuits and endeavors that drive them through life. It’s this commonality we share with our stakeholders in our strong and unwavering belief that life is meant to have meaning and delight.

It is with these wonderful sentiments, I say: ONWARD.

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